OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Riverina Highlands Landcare Network (RHLN) in conjunction with community members and landholders works on a number of collaborative projects which aim to restore our natural environment and encourage the adoption of sustainable agriculture.

Here are some of our current projects:

Paddock Trees – Restoring the Missing Links

In recognising  the importance of paddock trees on farms, the  Riverina Highlands Landcare Network has secured funding from the NSW Environmental Trust and Riverina Local Land Services.  More details

Tarabandra Hills – Rivers to Ridgelines

This award winning project has, over 5 years of activity, created a patchwork of native vegetation corridors across the Tarabandra Hills to protect and link areas of remnant vegetation and creating stepping stones for the movement of wildlife.  More details

Gullies, Grazing and Groundcover

Eleven properties across the Riverina Highlands are working to control erosion whilst improving groundcover and grazing management.  More details

Adjungbilly Creek Catchment project

Over the past 18 months, Riverina Highlands Landcare Network has worked with Riverina LLS, landholders, government agencies and researchers to gain an understanding of the extent of the population of these endangered species as well as undertaking preliminary works to assist in their recovery.  More details

Paddock Trees – Restoring the Missing Links (Pilot Project)

This pilot project is working with a number of stakeholders to reverse the decline of paddock trees across our region.  More details

Adelong Creek Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

The Adelong Creek provides habitat for a number of aquatic species including the endangered Booroolong Frog. This project has been developed to encourage neighbouring landholders to work together to restore sections of the Adelong Creek and in doing so improve fish habitat.  More details