Yaven Creek Rivers to Ridgelines project

Landcare Funding for Yaven Landholders

Riverina Highlands Landcare Network in conjunction with Riverina Local Land Services are embarking a new project to help landholders in the Yaven Creek valley.

With funding secured from Landcare Australia through the Jaramas Foundation, five landholders in the Yaven Creek Bushfire brigade area are undertaking small scale revegetation projects to address issues such as gully erosion, declining ground cover and loss of shade and shelter for stock.

“The project is being conducted in a similar way to a very successful project that Landcare has operated in the Tarabandara area in which adjoining landholders have worked together to connect areas of native vegetation across their properties” Jess Campbell, secretary of the Riverina Highlands Landcare Network.

“ The results of the works with the Tarabandara landholders are now so clearly evident with a patchwork of tree corridors linking from one property to the next” said Jess.

As part of this new project, landholders have been offered assistance with the costs of site preparation, fencing and revegetation activities that will establish native vegetation and connect areas of remnant vegetation in the region.

Who is involved in the project?

The Landholders of the Yaven Creek area, Riverina Highlands Landcare Network, Riverina LLS as well as funding from the Jaramas Foundation.